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i was just thinking about all of my various screen names/online handles and felt i should give them a once over.

1. TRGC KING. First aim screen name circa 1997 (6th grade) was based on my undying love for Gwen Stefani and no doubt and the tragic kingdom album but mostly the song ‘just a girl' which i adopted as my own personal female empowerment manifesto. I would have killed for some blue glitter pants and a cut off baby tee that said anaheim on it. i thought my tribute to gwen was pretty obvious but it wasnt and no one understood my screen name at all. all my friends were like 'soccer34546346' or 'peace123' but i was busy listening to this cd so loud in my room and drawing bindis on my face yeesh.

2. LEZEL27. at some point in 8th grade i got cool friends and started sneaking out and getting grounded for months at a time and having illicit (at the time) convos with highschool freshman boys. back in the day my parents knew if they really wanted to punish me all they had to do was take away my aol privileges and once after i had snuck out, while serving a monthlong grounding, they simply deleted my account. BLAMMO! by the time i got to get a new screen name everyone was making new ones anyway with their initials etc. how did i come up with lezel27? ok so i wanted it to have el for eleanor in it and i wanted it to reflect the fact that me and my friends fancied ourselves like baby sluts so i put EZE (read easy e) in the middle of there and then and L on the front to make it symmetrical. my dad at one point asked me if it meant ‘lesbian eleanor’ which i still get alot but no it just means that in 8th grade i thought it was cool to pretend to be slutty. and i still have it but i never go on aim ever. also had this listed on facebook as my email address until like last year. ugh.

3. chooseownadvent. dumb youtube handle. had to make one to watch some like over 18 content video one time. chose this bc i used to reallllly like this jason sho green painting. gross, i know.

4. bananafone. twitter handle. my bf used to have banana phone by raffi set as the ringtone when i called his old phone. which he then started calling me all the time. i tried to use the correct spelling but it was taken. when i asked one of my friends what he thought of bananafone with an f he replied, ‘i like it…it’s really rustic.’ which i thought was so funny i decided to roll with it. 

i finally had to grow up last year and get a gmail account with just my name in it bc my dad said was not proffessional enough for my resume. made that one when i loved justice so much senior year of college. ay yay yay.

p.s. listening to so many no doubt deep cuts right now. 

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